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Fake Bill of Sale / Shipping Deposit Scheme
Last Post 06 Feb 2019 12:52 AM by Matteo Bravi. 28 Replies.
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03 Oct 2013 01:08 PM  
Dear Barbara,

Sometimes you will find a police detective who initially is motivated to look into the matter. However, even though a few thousand dollars is a big loss for an individual, it's nothing compared to the cases their departments deal with each year. Once they realize that the identities, passports, etc of someone in Spain are all fake, forged or often had been stolen as part of a prior identity theft, they are hitten a brick wall. Then they investigate the companies, web sites etc and realize that those are just fake identities and sites that were made LOOK and sound to be real - so those are a dead end. The Email addresses are always free, throw-away accounts on AOL, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Google and the like. The Internet connections are using "proxies" so that the REAL origin is not revealed.
Eventually they try to go after the money - because the ONE thing that IS real, is the deposit account there the money is sent (unless someone is foolish enough to use Western Union). But the account is some bank in some other country (like Barclays). Even if they still persist they will find out that someone in England has responded to some "Get rich working from home" scheme - which involves opening perfectly legal bank accounts (although sometimes the are given forged/stolen passports to open the account in the name of someone else) and then acting as "transfer agents" by depositing payments and forwarding cash elsewhere out into yet another country - possible with more middle-men who don't know what that money is.

Bottom line, your friendly local police, even your county, or state police have LONG decided that the complexity of the investigation is not warranted given your actual damages and any international pursuit is not feasable.

What's missing is that the INTERNATIONAL agencies, like EuroPol or InterPol havent' figured out yet that there is a crime ring making millions of dollars (but in fairly small increments) on these schemes (they are NOT limited to ONE web site or even ONE type of product/good/service - the exact same scams are used for investment goods, production machines, etc.). I know of one of those "deposit and forward" bank account in Austria that was seized and just that ONE account was holding six figures and the perp who "owned" that account knew nothing WHAT that money was (but certain would have known that he was involved in "something" no-quite kosher).

In other words - until someone very high up adds up all those little cases and realizes that this IS a BIG case that justifies a sting that goes after the big guys at the top of the organization in Eastern Europe or elsewhere - you'll get nowhere with police.

John Pickering
New Member
New Member

04 Oct 2013 11:00 AM  
I have managed to contact the Metropolitan Police in London, they are investigating my case. I have also managed to get several other people to register there cases with www.Actionfraud.police.uk
If you require the contact details please let me know. The Belgian Police are also investigating and I have a contact there also.

Basic Member
Basic Member

04 Oct 2013 01:06 PM  
Hi John,

yes, I too have been in touch with that group at the Scotland Yard and have used that reporting tool. Since various Barclays Bank branches are commonly, that is one obvious place to start - since clearly there is "some" local element running the people who keep opening new accounts. At the time, no specific action was on the horizon - other than well-meaning (and quite common-sense) recommendations.

Would be nice if Metropolitan Police would finally have woken up to the fact that these are not a few isolated, unrelated cases - but an ongoing, organized racket (right under their noses!) of which they still have seen only a small tip of the iceberg.

I will make a point of alerting others with a "London" connection about your effort - because each additional case will post this up the ladder.

gianni vignali
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New Member

28 Dec 2013 10:57 PM  
on the search for a sixties Lambretta, i stumbled upon this band of thieves trough a advert on e-bay.
Different vehicle (scooter) same peoples, same scam method.

I'm living in Switzerland and the scooter was apparently for sale in Malaga (Spain).
I also contacted the police and a lawyer in spain, no results!

the "boy" claim to be Juan Soler Martinez also has a facebook account, here is the link:

The mobile phone number of Juan Soler Martinez is: +34 697 513 943 (he called me several times.)

The web-address of the fake company that was supposed to do the shipping is: http://www.courier-sprint.com/
(contacted me per phone from +44 797 686 8283 & E-mail several times). By now that site is no longer reachable!

I have some documents (fake vehicle registration & identity card) that might be useful in identifying future scams:

if i can help, you can contact me. i speak italian, german & a little english.

John Pickering
New Member
New Member

29 Dec 2013 02:18 PM  
Please contact me and send any info you have, I have been trying to trace these crooks.


Marius P
New Member
New Member

27 Jun 2018 09:26 AM  
Seems they are at it again, same scheme, same name, different e-mail. Now they are trying to sell a Skoda Superb for 17.300Euro, they are asking for 30% advance payment and they provide a shady VIN number that if it were real it would correspond to a 2017 car but the listing was for a 2016 Superb.
They went to a lot of trouble to create a fake business website and add it to Gmaps as well to make everything seem legit.
Exchanged a few e-mails before I got fed up with all the "in a hurry need money for my business" story and insisted for a picture with the actual VIN of the car, on the car itself not just via e-mail text. Since then no answer, I haven't paid any money as I only accepted the transaction if a face to face meeting was possible but I'm still posting here maybe someone will run in to them again.

WHOIS records of the Site ( which seems fake to me as the numbers are the same as the ones he provided in his e-mail):
Contact Information
Registrant Contact
Name: Antonio Fernandez Naranjo
Mailing Address: Cmno. Fuente 12, Cadiz CADIZ 11438 ES
Phone: +34.956223144
Fax Ext:
Updated Date: 2018-06-25
Created Date: 2017-09-18
Registrar Expiration Date: 2018-09-18

And one of the first e-mails where he was trying to scam me:

From: "Oftalmológica Cádiz" <oftalmologicacadiz@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2018 14:12:01 +0300
Message-ID: <CAACUjq7iUPq0YE386kG3qDemRR2t62keY8K4kykTY+oaOMT3pg@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: Re: 2016 Škoda Superb III 2.0 TDI DSG - 35000 Km - 17300 EUR
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0000000000007a8b0c056f7573c1"


The car as I said is in Cadiz (Spain), first owner and has Spanish plate and documents. You can come here and take the car or we can use the following method:

If that's okay I will bring the vehicle to a shipping company very serious that sends cars and motorcycles in Europe .
I have already worked with them in the past, I carried a machine from Germany, and I am very pleased by their services.
This company is 100% secure for me and for you also.

Transport works like this:

I bring the car to this company, and they prepare all the documents for export, check the car as regards documents, engine, body, km ...
You must now send the company 30% of the cost of the vehicle.
Once the car arrive to your house, you have 10 days to verify whether the conditions of the vehicle are as the description, if you will like the vehicle you will proceed to pay the remaining 70%, however, if does not match, you will be refunded the 30% advance paid to prior to the company.
I forgot to tell you that if you decide to take the car we have to pay the company also the transfer of ownership to your name, and regular documents to register in your country, practically new registration in your name.
It is important that the transport costs for sending back the car me in Spain it's for you.
As you can see I do not receive money from the company until the the end of the sale.
If everything is clear and you want to go ahead with the transaction you need to send me your info: name, address, city, zip code, phone number.
After I received your information I will send them to the company, I will also give the car into custody to them.
The company will send you a contract and all information of Shipping (information car, kilometers, all details of the car and also details for the payment.)
This is my number and you can call me whenever you want: 0034/6745.371.21 .

I wait your e-mail !

Thank you!


Clínica Oftalmológica Dr. Antonio
Dirección: Av. Lacave 1 | 11012 | Cádiz | Espana
Telf: +34/6745.371.21
Telf: +34/9568.470.40

Basic Member
Basic Member

27 Jun 2018 01:06 PM  
Dear Marius,

thank you for taking the time and reporting the fake identity they currently are using. Kindly also let me know the car ID on Anamera (Ref. No, or the URL to the individual page), so that I can track it down on our end. (They will ALWAYS use different throwaway email accounts when they respond to an inquiry, so that those can be blocked after a complaint, with affecting the one they used in the ad itself.)

It is actually quite common nowadays to copy and paste content, logos and photos from other small used-car dealerships for a fake web site. Today's crooks are sufficiently adapt with modern technology that this only takes a few hours a few times a year. Normally, they'll use a former business adress of a defunct automotive business so that it still shows up on Google Maps and Google Street - they'll just inject their own (prepaid cell-)phone number.

Some even go so far and register accounts with mass-market car portals (like WebMobil24), or use VINs for which a CarFax exists to add to the appearance of legitimacy.

As you already said - no money, taxes, shipping fees, etc must ever be paid to any seller, or their equally faked intermediaries (freight forwarders, shipping agents, escrow attorneys) unless your own hands have touched the car.

Matteo Bravi
New Member
New Member

06 Feb 2019 12:32 AM  
Hello everyone I am new to the forum. I came here doing researches on possible frauds schemes. I am dealing with classic cars in Italy from some time now, so we're not new at fraud attempts and we recognize them.
The (in)famous "Doctor Fernandez Antonio Naranjo" is now (February 2019) trying to sell us a Volvo Laplander C202 found on Autoscout24 and we're keeping him on the edge.
Beware that he will present himself as "Doctor Antonio" in the first email, then we he's hooked you he provides a full name and address in Spain:

Clinica Naranjo
Calle Pedro Sanz 12
Puerto Serrano
Cádiz, 11659
Tel: 0034 697 263 368
Tel: 0034 956 847 040

Thing is, if you suspect something and you search the web there's actually a website for his clinic! (www.clinica-naranjo.com), so you might think he's real.
For the rest, typical behaviour: vehicle is in Spain, selling for urge of money, he will provide details of a shipping company whom we shall pay 50% of the vehicle's value ... and so on.
We shall keep him "hot" while we send everything to the Police, even if very little can be done, if not keeping up posting updates and stressing the simple rule: "I see the car, you see the money"!!

Matteo Bravi
New Member
New Member

06 Feb 2019 12:52 AM  
Forgot a suggestion: if the scum seller sends you photos of the vehicle, try doing a research on Google pictures: in our case the Volvo C202 turned out to be up for sale in San Diego, California for some 25K dollars. Whole set of pictures had been "stolen" from original advert.
The doctor uses currently this address: medicaloftal@gmail.com

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