Advertise with Anamera

Anamera has garnered a strong reputation in the premium and classic car segment. Advertising with us offers you the perfect chance to bring your company to the attention of over 100,000 highly qualified visitors every week, primarily interested in the premium car market and events.

Prepaid Impressions

No annual commitment; random placement on Anamera pages.
You can order prepaid impressions starting at 10,000 up to multiples of 200,000 impressions.

Square banner

10,000 impressions, USD 30.00 each
50,000 impressions, USD 100.00 each
200,000 impressions, USD 200.00 each

Tall (double) banner

10,000 impressions, USD 50.00 each
50,000 impressions, USD 165.00 each
200,000 impressions, USD 320.00 each

12 Months Full Run

Your banner will appear on every page for a 12 month period.

Standard Placement

Square banner, 12 months, USD 250.00 monthly
Tall (double) banner, 12 months, USD 425.00 monthly

Top Placement (check for availability)

Square banner, 12 months commitment, USD 500.00 monthly
Tall (double) banner, 12 months commitment, USD 850.00 monthly

Technical Specifications

Square banner

156 pixels wide, up to 156 pixels high
JPEG or PNG file format, RGB colors

Tall (double) banner

156 pixels wide, up to 312 pixels high
JPG or PNG file format, RGB colors

We can assist you in converting or resizing your existing banners to Anamera specifications or you can ask our design partners to create a custom banner.