Arctic Circle
Around the Baltic in 16 Days
Wann11 - 26 Juni 2022 (16 Tage) 
VeranstaltungsortPotsdam to Oslo

96200 Rovaniemi
Kontakt+31 578 561115 (Fon)

+31 6 22204330 (Mobile) 

An unforgettable 7000 km journey through countries and cultures where rallies rarely go. There will be a competitive element with a few regularities a day, and the occasional special test, but the social side will be just as important.

It's a circular drive of discovery starting in Western Europe and finishing just north of Oslo. In between those two points crews will travel through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before a short ferry crossing of the Baltic takes them to Helsinki for the start of the Scandinavian leg of the journey.

From there they will head into the famous 1000 Lakes territory of Finland before penetrating the endless pine forests and tundra of the far north. After reaching the Arctic Circle at Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and home to Santa Claus, the route then swings west into Sweden before crossing the border to reach the breath taking coast of Norway. The final few days will be spent exploring the dramatic Norwegian fjords and mountains before the Gala Finish just north of Oslo, and a ferry home to Europe.

Just like it was when Classic Rallying started in the 1990’s; there will be simple map based navigation, straightforward uncomplicated regularities, and manned timing points and controls. We will be visiting the best overnight hotels available on route, with two rest days, and shorter days approaching the end of the rally. Since the sun does not set at this time of year there will definitely be no night driving, however hard you try!