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Bremen Classic Motorshow
Germany's first classic car show of the year kicks off the season on the first weekend in February as the exhibition halls become a Mecca for collectors, first-time buyers and enthusiasts, dealers, restorers and clubs.
Wann03 - 05 Februar 2023 (3 Tage) 
VeranstaltungsortMesse Bremen
28215 Bremen
Kontakt+49 (0)421 3505-0 (Fon)
+49 (0)421 3505-340 (Fax)
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Every year in the depths of winter, collectors and motorheads, newcomers and enthusiasts, dealers and restorers, and clubs and friends meet in the eight halls at Messe Bremen to celebrate the start of the classic car season.

There'll be plenty of horsepower under the bonnets of the modern classics, and diversity is king for classic scooters...

The anniversary edition includes a live presentation of the long-awaited highlight originally planned for 2021: the special show "The Mild and the Wild", with examples of extreme contrasts between pairs of related models. In one corner, the modestly powered basic version for the average commuter. In the other, the beefed-up transformer version famed for spectacular racing victories.

Special show "The Mild and the Wild": From bland to brutal within the same range

In the good old days of the late 1970s, the average office-worker drove an Audi 80 – with a crocheted toilet roll cover and a nodding dog in the rear window. On the other hand, young idealists in long hair and sandals puttered around the country in Renault 5s appropriately decorated with peace and anti-nuclear-power stickers. That's according to the not always accurate, but treasured clichés. But at the beginning of the 80s, a new species of sports car burst onto the scene and turned automobile culture upside down. Harmless, everyday models became the basis for radical driving machines that seemed as if they were on steroids – visually, but also and above all in terms of power.

The Renault 5 provides the most impressive demonstration of this evolution at the Bremen Classic Motorshow. The innocent basic version with its modest 34-hp engine will be on show next to a muscle-bound R5 Turbo with a roaring 160-hp mid-mounted engine that could even outperform a contemporary Ferrari on a zero-to-100 sprint. "We'll demonstrate these extreme contrasts to our visitors in the form of rare original vehicles", promises Frank Ruge. Collectors looking for flawless condition actually find it harder to source some basic models than their pumped-up brothers. But the Audi 80 will certainly be on show at the major classic car event in Bremen. In 1980, the saloon car often ridiculed as a stuffy weakling mutated into the four-wheel-drive monster Audi Quattro. That model was soon followed by the Sport Quattro, which was only just legally approved for road traffic and formed the basis for the World Rally Championship Group B racer. In its day, it was by far the most expensive series-produced German car, and today it's a highly sought rarity. A Sport Quattro will be displayed in Bremen alongside its mild-mannered brother, the basic Audi 80. There was an even starker contrast in the Ford Capri range, from the 50-hp plodder to the RS 2600 "Porsche killer". BMW gunned up its 1602 entry model into the 2002 Turbo. This car's aggressive character was even raised in the Bundestag. Without revealing too much in advance: These pairings will also feature in the unique program of contrasts visitors to the Bremen Classic Motorshow will be able to admire.