Coppa Liburna – Historic Regularity Rally
500 km historic regularity rallying through Tuscany
Wann12 - 14 Mai 2022 (3 Tage) 
VeranstaltungsortBolgheri - Alta Maremma - Livorno

57100 Livorno LI
Kontakt+39 3479032017 (Fon)


The “Coppa Liburna – Historic Regularity Rally” (HRR) will start to retrace over two legs, the same special stages of the original 1966 edition.

A “tight” race pace with nearly 40% of the overall route in closed-to-traffic special stages, very high number of timed points to ensure rankings that actually reward the competitors’ performance, challenging and extremely varied special stage tracks, including the famous “university of the curve”, the special stage of Sassetta, without neglecting the others, theaters of unforgettable challenges. All this within the mythical landscape of the Tuscan coast and hills, which has always enchanted both the gaze and the heart.

The overall race course is about 500 km in two legs over two days with 14 average-speed’ special stages (PM); for nearly 40% of the total kms the competitors will be in a “timed test mode”.