Ferrari XX Programme / F1 Clienti - Mugello
The F1 Clienti programme enables owners of F1 cars to use them to the fullest.
Wann03 - 04 Mai 2022 (2 Tage) 
VeranstaltungsortMugello Circuit
Località Senni, 15
50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI
Kontakt(831) 242-8201 (Fon)


Since 2003 the F1 Clienti programme has permitted a small group of people to buy F1 cars and has enabled those who bought them earlier use them to the fullest. Corse Clienti makes the car’s owner feel like a real Scuderia Ferrari driver. Owners don’t have to worry about anything except putting on their gloves and helmet, driving and have fun, Corse Clienti does the rest.