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FIA Euro RX of Hungary
Rallycross is a combination of rallying and circuit racing. It is head-to-head short, sharp races on mixed surfaces (dirt and asphalt) contained within amphitheatre venues.
Wann29 - 30 April 2023 (2 Tage) 
VeranstaltungsortNyirád Racing Center

8454 Nyirád

One of the longest and most traditional rallycross tracks in Europe, ‘old-school’ Nyirád Racing Center is located in Transdanubia, just 25 kilometres from Hungary’s famous Lake Balaton.

FIA World Rallycross Championship represents the pinnacle of the dual-surface discipline – originally created back in 1967 – and in 2022, the series embarked upon a new electric era in which all entrants compete with identical powertrains, supplied by Austrian manufacturer Kreisel.

With 500kW delivered to the twin motors – equivalent to 680bhp – and 880Nm of instant torque at the touch of a pedal, these are the most powerful World Rallycross cars ever produced, boasting eye-watering acceleration faster even than Formula 1 while retaining the easily recognisable production car bodyshells synonymous with the sport.

The World Championship is supported at selected events by the FIA RX2e Championship and FIA European Rallycross Championship for RX1 and RX3 cars.