Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum renamed Museo Enzo Ferrari had its management transferred to the Ferrari organisation


Modena, 19 February, 2014

The original Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena adjacent to the house in which Enzo Ferrari was born, which also forms part of the complex, and which opened in March 2012, recently had its management transferred to the Ferrari organisation, and was temporarily closed for a short period for refurbishment and rejuvenation. The new museum, renamed Museo Enzo Ferrari, fittingly opened on Tuesday 18 February, which for those with short memories was Enzo Ferrari’s date of birth in 1898.

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After an introduction by Antonio Ghini, the director of the Museo Ferrari in Maranello and this new operation, the opening ceremony was performed by Ferrari Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, together with company Vice President and son of the founder, Piero Ferrari, and the Mayor of Modena, Giorgio Pighi. Following the speeches from each of them, the invited guests and media representatives were led into the darkened main area, and treated to a 10 minute film spanning the life and times of Enzo Ferrari. This fascinating period footage, with a stirring soundtrack, didn’t only focus on his life, cars and drivers, but also featured what was going on in the world around him at different periods in his life, i.e. World Wars I & II and the arrival of Rock & Roll. The film was projected onto the walls, floor and ceiling through 19 different projectors, fully immersing, almost wrapping, the audience in its content. This will be an innovative feature of the presentation within the new museum design and display philosophy.

The museum is seen as complimentary to the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, and will broaden the outlook, or enrich the experience, by not only featuring Ferrari models, but also the car’s that were part of Enzo Ferrari’s life before he founded the eponymous company, like pre-war Alfa Romeos. It will also provide a focus on the other car companies from in and around Modena, like Maserati and Stanguellini, of which examples of both were on display on the opening day. There was also a display of pop art in an ante room surrounding a GTO (288), broadening the appeal and projecting what else was happening in the wide world, during the period that Ferrari and his cars have been part of the motoring world, past and present.

The renovation and reopening of the main building is the first phase of the upgrading works, which will be followed by improvements to the visitors experience in the “Casa Natale” and to the open areas of the museum complex. Reduced price tickets are available as a joint purchase for the Museo Ferrari and Museo Enzo Ferrari, and full details of opening hours and admission prices can be found at

Keith Bluemel