100X100 – cento Alfa per cent’anni
At the very beginning of the XX century engineering and car manufacturing were no more Turin prerogative, they have landed in the heart of Lombardy with “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” ( anonymous car manufacturer from Lombardy ).
When19 - 27 June 2010 (9 days) 
WhereMilano MI
CategoriesMeet & Greet 
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At the very beginning of the XX century engineering and car manufacturing were no more Turin prerogative, they have landed in the heart of Lombardy with “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” ( anonymous car manufacturer from Lombardy ).


Far before being known as Italian capital of fashion and design or for its nightlife, Milan was famous for its industrious citizens, for their strong, deep, confidence in their skills and hard work.


Starting in 1910 Milan entered in the collective thought as “motor land”, the city where Italian’s motorsport dreams came true.


To pay a tribute to Alfa and to Milan, C.M.A.E. (Milan historic motor club) in collaboration with A.S.I. (Italian historic motor club) and Alfa Blue Team, organizes an exhibition to retrace Alfa Romeo history and glory, step by step, one car after the other. An exhibition realized to renovate ancient splendours, to remember the pride and the wonder that Alfa Romeo brought to Milan and to Italy.


C.M.A.E., founded in 1959 (from a group of auto passionate as Angelo “Tito” Anselmi, the Earl Giovanni Caproni di Taliedo, the Earl Luigi Castelbarco) was the second motor club established in Italy, deeply involved in Milan’s social life. Today it counts 2000 members, sharing the same passion and patience in researching, restoring and preserve historic vehicles: technical, scientific and cultural heritage condensed in pieces of machinery as surviving evidence of past designers and engineers genius.


A.S.I., (Italian historic motor club), established in 1966, gained the patronage of the President of Italian Republic and it is the institution representing all devotees to preserve vehicle’s historic heritage, at national and international level. A.S.I. is organized as a federation of 280 clubs and associations, that reunites aver 160.000 members.


Alfa Blue Team founded in 1972 became meeting point and reference for all Alfa Romeo passionate in Italy and in the world, with a special look toward post-war production. It distinguished from the others thanks to some relevant events as “2000, Alfa in Milan” – to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand, or “Giulietta 50” a retrospective on this notable model.


During the exhibition “100X100 – cento Alfa per cent'anni”, thanks to collectors from all Europe, more than one hundred cars will be on display to recall Alfa Romeo cars and victories along a century.


From the celebrated racing cars of Nuvolari to the emblematic Giulietta, from the performances of Italian Police “Pantere” (Panthers) to heavy trucks, from the first examples of kitchen’s stoves to the racing speedboats, to the airplane engines exported all over the world, US included!


In addition, a complete section will be dedicated to great Italian coachbuilders where ancient vehicles will be side by side with prototypes and concept cars, a glance at future.. because these are only the first one hundred years of Alfa Romeo..


What is called the “Alfa Romeo phenomenon” represented the industrial and handicraft excellence of Italy, and Milan, all over the world. A perfect equilibrium amongst technology, design and high level craftsmanship acted as shuttlecock for more than 50 “family run” industries or small automotive companies as Bianchi, Isotta Fraschini, OM and Zust.


Milan became the forge of great coachbuilder, imposing their taste and ideas: the flagship of an “Italian style” ante litteram. Castagna, Sala, Touring and Zagato were able to “cover” reliable chassis and performing engines in the most breathtaking, spectacular, brilliant ways.


Last but not least another section of the exhibition will be devoted to Alfa Romeo fans: sport and racing teams, register and clubs entitled to the most known models. An area to homage the one’s that contributed the most to Alfa successes, wonderful cars to whom they fall in love with.. at first sight.


• Alfa Romeo Clubs from all over Europe already confirmed their presence: holland, France, Germany, Switzerland Belgium, Austria..


• Registers and racing teams that already signed in : Scuderia del Portello, Alfa Romeo historic trucks, powerboats, Giulia Register, Alfasud Register, Alfetta GTV Register, Italian Police, Army, Fire department and Red Cross


• Private collections of scale models, handcrafted and antique toys.


At Novegro exhibition center – Parco Esposizioni di Novegro – the central building will host “100X100 – cento Alfa per cent’anni”. The vehicles will be displayed based on age of production, a “red path” to be followed through history, documents and films.


Display layout will be clean, simple but elegant: entrance dedicated to literature on Alfa Romeo and scale models giving access to the exhibition. In the centre of the pavilion a reception area fitted out with screens passing archive footage and races from Alfa Romeo video archives.


The side buildings will be devoted to great Italia coachbuilders and to club and registers.