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14th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique
The 14th edition of the RALLYE MONTE-CARLO HISTORIQUE will be held from the January 26th to February 2nd 2011 and will celebrate the centenary of its elder brother, the Rallye Monte-Carlo (1911 - 2011).
When26 January - 02 February 2011 (8 days) 

As was the case in the previous edition, timing will be done by the Tripy GPS system to the second, and by traditional timing to 1/10th of a second.

If they wish, competitors with pre 1966 cars (our categories I and II) or less than 1300 cc (class 1) can choose the low average speed for the regularity tests.


Novelty: there will be five starting towns which were an important part of the history of the Rallye Monte-Carlo: Marrakesh (Morocco), Warsaw (Poland) and Glasgow (United Kingdom) and furthermore, two of the starting towns, Reims (France) and Barcelona (Spain), will be reserved, if wished, to competitors with cars of pre-1966 or of less than 1150 cc. Indeed, the mileage for the concentration legs from these 2 points of departure will be much lower than from the 3 other cities.

Please also note that during the concentration leg penalties at the Time Controls will be halved compared to the other legs of the rally.