8^ Mostra Scambio di Osnago (LC) - Italy
Trade show organized by the Friends of paraplegia to raise funds for the Research on Spinal Cord Injury
When21 - 22 May 2016 (2 days) 
Deadline21 May 2016 (entry closed) 
WhereCentro Fiera di Osnago (LC)
Via Martiri della Liberazione, 10 - 23875 Osnago (LC)
Tel/Fax 039 587517
e-mail: fieraosnago@fieraosnago.it
23875 Osnago (LC) LC
CategoriesExhibition, Meet & Greet, Parade, Tour 
Contact+39 328.9860757 (Phone)
+39 039 587517 (Fax)
+39 340.8927229 (Mobile) 
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8 ^ Exchange exhibition at the Centro Fiera di Osnago (LC)

21-22 May 2016

Research on spinal cord injuries continue with tenacity and perseverance, but needs support and funds, since currently the contributions by the State tend to be equal to zero! That's why, always under the motto "who helps man helps himself," renews the 8 ^ Exchange exhibition of Osnago (LC) organized by the "Association of friends of Paraplegia" under the patronage of the municipality of Osnago, which with the support of over 34 associations revolving around the theme of historic cars and motorcycles you put on, to offer the public, increasingly active (in 2015 over 6000 visitors) , car, motorcycle, parts, automobilia but not only: conferences, debates, vintage car rallies. All to raise funds for "research on spinal cord injuries".

Among the Exchange exhibition in Italy, stands out with its free admission and passion and friendship reign supreme among car, motorcycle, work vehicles, accessories and parts, Automobilia, Hobbies, books, clubs and Registries. The exhibition-Exchange is dedicated to Dino Cordaro, big fan seicentista who died prematurely, while promoter of this and other fundraising events is Angelo Colombo, first volunteer in the world operated by professor Giorgio Brunelli, that is called the Foundation for research on spinal cord injuries.

This year the 8 ^ Exchange exhibition will celebrate 80th anniversary of Osnago two important: that of the Fiat 500 "Topolino", the first Italian car intent on spreading to a wider range of car drivers, while in the same year, the Alps, were road-tested early prototypes of what was to become "the people's car", hence the Volkswagen brand.

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 may, from 9 a.m. to 19, will be open to the public the View-Exchange with many stands. At 16 on Saturday, will be held the Conference on the theme: "from the carriage motor vehicles" a journey into the technical and aesthetic evolution Motorcycle and car. Coordinated by Sergio Puttini, speakers include scholars, collectors and representatives of automobile clubs and historic motorcycles. It will also be an opportunity to reward some riders who did shine their name on the register of motorcycle racing of the past. Sunday, May 22 will return the usual "spring walk", a gathering for sports and historic cars and motorcycles of all time, to admire the paths and the curiosities of Brianza. In this context, there will be a parade of Fiat 500 "Topolino" and Volkswagen Beetle, photo-remembrance of all participating vehicles and grand finale, with the formation of the N░ 80 composed of the Fiat 500 Topolino and Volkswagen beetle. All the profit of the event will go to charity.

To register for the event or to book a booth (4 Î 4 square meters) and have more information:

info@comitatoparaplegia.com www.comitatoparaplegia.com

Angelo Colombo cell. 328 9,860,757

Carlo Casari cell. 3,408,927,229

Carlo Carugati