Cappadocia Classic Rally
When21 - 30 October 2010 (10 days) 

After thorough attempts of months and hard negotiations with the Turkish officials and the navy companies, after thousands of kilometers deep in Asia and after retaining the best hotels in Greece and in Turkey, M.R.O.E. is in the pleasant position to announce the program and the beginning of entries for the CAPPADOCIA CLASSIC RALLY which will have over than 2,000 km of exotic routes from 21 till 30 of October 2010.


It’s the most ambitious international rally of the last years and it is anticipated that there will be participations from all around Europe.


The events of 2009 that were carried out by M.R.O.E. flawlessly guarantee the best possible outcome. The good news is that the start and finish will take place in Alexandroupoli, a beautiful seaside city next to the Turkish borders and very close to Bulgaria. Whatsoever the crews from Europe will not have a hard time driving because from now on through the Egnatia highway they can cover the distance safely from Igoumenitsa in less than 6 hours.


Afterwards the rally will head to Istanbul where a free day will be given to the crews in order to explore the numerous pleasures of the biggest and most beautiful city of Balkan. From there the crews will head east and higher to the mountainous lake Abant. The Swiss landscape will give a special touch to the race and the luxurious hotel on the lake will provide the needed relaxation after the difficult road trip and the demanding special stages.


During the 5th day the cars will approach the picturesque Nevsehir, a diamond in Cappadocia’s heart. The landscape hardens, it becomes almost alien. Cappadocia doesn’t look like anything else in the world and the experience of being there is totally worth it. Nevertheless when you travel through high rocks and cavernous buildings along with the sound of ’60 carburetor and the smell of unburned gas, stroking lovingly the wooden steering wheel. There, at this blessed place, the crews will have another free day so that they can be shown around and go sightseeing.


Nevertheless the Cappadocia rally doesn’t end there. On the way back from Cappadocia the cars will head to Afryon, an enchanting eastern city that seems to have risen from an exotic movie. It’s an opportunity for the westerns participants to enjoy a tradition that is slowly fading away, a pure Turkish county that will unavoidably give her place to consortiums and Malls, to meet people untouched by the lifestyle stress as if they are forgotten by time, there in the center of their vast country.


During the 9th day is Sea’s turn and the magnificent Canakkale. Another aspect of this unpredictable country that you think that has it all. Wonderful beaches, picturesque fish taverns and western attitude, next to famous alleys that were the theater of great operations during history. From there the crews will travel across by ferry and will head to finish at Alexandroupoli, full of experiences. At a luxurious seaside hotel with view to the north Aigaio islands, during a night that the people of M.R.O.E. will ensure that it will be unforgettable, the cups will be given to the winners.


Cappadocia Rally, a race that no one should miss, a unique one-time experience, an organizing contest-a challenge for the best.