Cyclamen Rally
When04 - 07 October 2007 (4 days) 

Named after the flower that grows on the Kyrenia Mountains, this regularity rally aims at bringing together all the people of our beautiful island and contribute to the efforts of achieving a permanent peace and prosperity irrespective of ethnic or religious differences..

This inter-communal rally will give the opportunity to men, women and children from all parts of the island, to spend three days together, driving through the beautiful landscapes of Cyprus and visiting places that some of us never had the opportunity to visit before.

Driving the cars of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that our parents and grand parents drove at a time when all the people of the island lived happily together will help us to understand each other and perhaps eliminate the suspicion and distrust caused by the unfortunate happenings of the later years, and help us become friends the same way as our ancestors were.

Apart from the usual prizes, there will be special awards for the best inter-communal crews, where a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriots compete together as driver and co-driver in the same vehicle.

The PHAEDROS ECONOMIDES cup will be awarded to the First Overall winner.

The number of entries may have to be limited  for reasons of practicality.