Fromanteel Generations Rally
Unique 'parent-child only' team rally with 75 vehicles.
When05 September 2020 

Contact+31 578 561115 (Phone)


A max of 75 cars with a wide variety of beautiful cars, such as Bentley, Aston Martin and of course a field full of Alfa Romeos, Porsches and Jaguars, mainly classics but also modern are welcome.

TWO different classes.

TOUR (level: novice) - suitable for beginners or teams who have never participated in a rally before. The Tour Class's 'dot-arrow' and 'arrows-to-shortest route' card reading systems are fairly easy to interpret. Participants in this class aim to enjoy beautiful landscapes while experiencing a fair level of competition

SPORT (level: experienced) - Participants in the sporting class take rally driving a bit more seriously. In this class, participants are confronted with various map reading systems that are also used in the professional rallies, mainly on a scale of 1: 50.000. This class is suitable for participants that have driven rallies before, with some level of success.


You can participate with classics, convertibles, and sportscars, regardless of the year of construction. The car must, if applicable, be provided with a valid MOT (in Dutch 'apk') inspection certificate and must, of course, be insured as a minimum in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Liability Act (in Dutch: WAM).


Vintage cars give the Generations Rally an extra dimension and the organization strongly encourages participation with vintage cars. There is no separate class, so you can register for every class with a Vintage car. Cars built before 1950 automatically have the Vintage status. Note: officially a vintage car status differs from a classic car, as the latter starts from '85 to '51.