HRCR 100 Rally Series 2008 - Bucks, Berks and Oxon 100 Rally
The 'HRCR 100 Rally Series' of daytime regularity rallies is being aimed at newcomers to historic rallying, although the events may also appeal to some more experienced crews who prefer events with straightforward tulip type navigation. They are ideal for those wanting to progress to something more competitive than Scenic Tours, but without the stresses caused by navigational problem solving.

The '100' in the series title means that each rally has a route of 100 miles, which is rather shorter than most single day events. This allows several 30-minute rest halts to be scheduled into the day, so that everyone can catch up any lost time and restart on time after each break.

When24 May 2008 

Under the direction of Dave Kirkham the BBO area has offered to run a HRCR 100 series event for beginners on May 24th 2008. With a few regularities and perhaps a driving test or two we hope to introduce 12 local crews to the fun of Historic Rallying. Keep an eye on the web-site and come along to the monthly meetings at The Gate Inn to find out more and perhaps how you can contribute.