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125 Jahre Mercedes Benz
When14 - 16 January 2011 (3 days) 

This year’s theme of ‘125 years of Mercedes Benz’ will provide you with a fantastic platform to do so. Benz was the first car manufacturer in the world and began building its first vehicle in 1885. In 1926 Benz began collaborating with Daimler. History demanded that the Austro-Hungarian Consul become one of Daimler Motor Gesellschaft’s first big clients in 1900 with an order of 36 automobiles. The Consul had a daughter, Mercédès Jellinek, with whom Daimler was so enamoured that he named his automobiles Mercedes in her honour. A big name was born into the automobile industry. A fantastic array of classic Mercedes Benz will be on display in Maastricht, in collaboration with the Dutch Mercedes Benz Automobile Clubs Association.