InterClassics & TopMobiel
Porsche has an impressive history - one that cannot easily be summed up in a nutshell. It is not just the milestones it has achieved, its many different models and its social significance that encapsulate what the Porsche brand has meant over the last 63 years. Porsche belongs to a rare collection of car brands that one could describe as mythical. In collaboration with Porsche Netherlands, the exhibition will stage a unique presentation of Porsche’s history. Part of the State of Art Porsche collection will also be on display, which ties in directly with the event’s second theme - Mille Miglia cars.

La corsa più bella del mondo or ‘the most beautiful race in the world’ was held for the first time on 26 March 1927. The race covered a thousand Roman miles from Brescia to Rome and back by following the white text on red arrows that have acquired special significance for many car enthusiasts. The Mille Miglia continued its tradition until 1957 when De Portago crashed his Ferrari, killing himself and twelve others. Since 1982, the Mille Miglia has been driven as a regular rally for cars that originate from the period 1927 – 1957. A beautiful collection of cars worthy of the designation ‘Mille Miglia car’ will be presented during InterClassics & TopMobiel 2012.

Once again, there are more than enough reasons to visit InterClassics &
TopMobiel 2012. I look forward to welcoming you!
When13 - 15 January 2012 (3 days) 

This luxury segment of the exhibition is a perfect complement to InterClassics and vice versa. TopMobiel has the finest range of classics which are no longer referred to as cars but rather as ‘art on wheels’. The previous edition of TopMobiel required an extra hall to accommodate the overwhelming selection of items relating to the ‘125 years of Mercedes Benz’ theme. With themes such as Porsche and Mille Miglia, we will continue to make use of this extra space and TopMobiel once again promises to be an exciting and spectacular show.


Based on the philosophy that special cars deserve a special environment, we paid a great deal of attention to the décor: luxury stand construction, ambient lighting and plenty of space for each individual car ensures that each vehicle is displayed at its very best. The ambiance is also enhanced by numerous luxury products such as jewellery, clothing and wines etc. These will be presented on the exhibition floor by Top Shops Holland, to frame the magnificent cars. Top Shops Holland is your point of reference when it comes to quality and style. In addition, fascinating lifestyle orientated demonstrations and shows will be held in collaboration with Top Shops Holland.