International Bugatti Meeting
ifty-five years ago, about twenty car crazed Dutchmen sharing the same passion came together in the Bugatti Club Nederland. Salvaging the cars from French junk yards, sometimes spending more money than they were willing to admit to their wives, these young men who appreciated the real value of these old and fast Bugattis, dirtied their hands maintaining and restoring the Pur Sang of Molsheim and enjoyed their sound, speed and style. So the international Bugatti community grew.
The very first international Bugatti rally ľ from Maastricht to Le Mans - was organised by the club in June, 1958. From the Dutch initiative the idea has become an event that is held each year in different countries, organised by the various Bugatti clubs worldwide. In 2012, for the tenth time, the international Bugatti rally will be organised once again by the Dutch. With this event we want to honour and thank our pioneering heroes. Thanks to their vision and passion we can still enjoy the wonderful creations of Ettore and Jean Bugatti.
When08 - 15 June 2012 (8 days) 

Very polit .... "this concerns a private meeting where attending or participating isn't possible and it will not be appreciated that you show up!" ... thanks dutch Bugatti Meeting organisers ... this answer takes your event of the top event list





The 2012 International Bugatti Rally will take place from Sunday, June 10 to Friday, June 15. The meeting point is a comfortable, stylish and charming castle hotel in southern Limburg, an attractive region with an international atmosphere as it is a narrow strip of the Netherlands sandwiched between Belgium and Germany.


The event is being organised for Bugattistes by Bugattistes, sharing the passion for Bugatti voitures, experiencing special moments and enjoying the good things that life has to offer. The event will take place through about 80 equipes over various - sometimes even hilly and unusual roads in the Netherlands and both neighbouring countries. The programme offers a variety of challenging driving experiences, lovely scenic routes, en-route surprises and entertaining gourmet delights along the way.


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