Jack Frost - 2008
When13 January 2008 
WhereCroft Circuit


The event will consist of up to 8 special stages with a total mileage of approximately 36 stage miles.

Stages will consist of 100% sealed roads, timed to an accuracy of less than one minute in accordance with K39.1.

To assist with stage re-signing and due to the compact nature of the venue the route between stages will not be signed, junctions will not be allocated numbers and route confirmation arrows will not be used.

Each Stage will require competitors to traverse parts of the route multiple times necessitating the use of split and merge junctions. Should competitors take the incorrect route at a split they must continue on their chosen route and not attempt to correct their mistake. Entrants will be supplied with one Rally Pack when signing on which will contain documents sufficient to ensure their compliance in accordance with K5.2.