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Khamsin Quaranta
Grand Touring’ is what Khamsins were made for and KHAMSIN
QUARANTA was made to fit them like a bespoke glove. Our host hotel
Chateau de Gilly and the whole program of events have been chosen
to mirror the Khamsin: supreme elegance and class without pretence
or excess.
When14 - 17 June 2012 (4 days) 
CategoriesConcours, Tour 

Organized for all Khamsin owners by Khamsin owners, this is 100%

an enthusiast’s event, not affiliated to any clubs, although all club

members are welcome. Although it is expected that most cars will be

entered from mainland Europe, owners wishing to bring their cars from

the United States or further afield will be assisted with shipping and

30 days secure storage in Europe. Onward European travel plans after

the KHAMSIN QUARANTA event can also be arranged if necessary. We

will do our utmost to make it possible for anyone with a Khamsin to