L E J OG - The Fourteenth Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability & Touring Trial
“The mixture of weather and roads certainly kept us on our toes. I found the pace just a little quicker than in the vintage class which I have entered before”

When06 - 09 December 2008 (4 days) 

LE JOG aims to allow crews to experience the heydays of British Rallying with long navigation and regularity sections, driving and manoeuvrability tests on private land by day and night and the occasional section of forest driving. Two weeks before the event all crews are issued with a set of General Route Instructions which allow them to pre-plot main controls, rest halts and link sections etc. Apart from the occasional map handout, the additional information needed to plot and navigate the route is handed out at the start of each leg. Navigation is straightforward and no trickery is involved.


LE JOG always attracts novice crews, and assistance is provided by way of a LE JOG training day held five or six weeks before the event, when various topics are covered including car and crew preparation, map reading and regularities. On event mechanical assistance is also provided by a team of experienced mechanics who set up mobile workshops at the main rest halts and overnight stops. Absolute beginners can now choose to enter Category N and compete for the Novice Silver Gilt Medal. Both the Reliability Trial and Tour are for cars built before 31st December 1981, with the cars classified by age and engine size.


The LE JOG Touring Trial is a non-competitive run travelling on good quality roads and through some wonderful parts of the country, calling at many of the same controls as the Reliability Trial, but with no time penalties or tests. Whilst it is a gentler event, the Tour is still quite demanding, guaranteed to test the stamina and reliability of both car and crew. Competitors who complete the Tour also receive a finisher’s medal.


The provisional route for 2008 has overnight halts in Cheshire and Carlisle. You can expect the usual tough night route through Wales and plenty of mileage in the north and Scotland before breakfast on Tuesday (included in your entry fee) prepares you for the final sting in the tail. As usual your entry fee includes the welcome and prize giving dinners and accommodation on Saturday and Sunday nights. The event is run according to HERO Standard Regulations (v3 2008).


The Marque Team Trophy is regarded by many as the main award on LE JOG. So if you and a couple of friends can put together a team of three cars of the same make and model, we will only charge you for two full entry fees. However, all three entry forms must be submitted together and the full fees paid by 30th June. For rarer cars, three of the same make will be allowed.


In 2007 all entrants were provide with the dedicated map book prepared by Rallymaps of Northern Ireland. In 2008 all crews will be supplied with the map book and all maps/map sections needed to plot the navigational and regularity sections, and so avoid the need to purchase a large number of maps.


LE JOG has been described as an adrenalin rush from start to finish, with great camaraderie, outstanding value per mile of competition compared with almost all other events, on-event mechanics that will work all night if necessary to keep you on the move, and a sociable event with an awards dinner complete with Piper. To quote a competitor on the 2007 event “LE JOG is a proper rally”. To guarantee a place on the 2008 event please submit your completed application as soon as possible. As always, generous discounts apply to early entrants.