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Le Maroc Classic .... pour la 16ème fois !
«Excitement at the wheel, refined luxury at the stop-overs.» :

this is the essential flavour of the « MAROC CLASSIC – La Route du Coeur ® » Rally, which skilfully combines the best aspects of rally driving and good living. The competitive side is well tried and tested - sporting and friendly.

Magic !

jf Rageys, Organiser.
When14 - 21 March 2009 (8 days) 

The 16th "MAROC CLASSIC – La Route du Coeur" 14-21 march 2009


Action behind the wheel, luxury each night. The 2009 event - the 16th - will keep the faith.


With a land area of more than 650,000 square kilometres, Morocco is larger than France. The road network, so perfect for the drivers of classic and collectors' cars, is nevertheless less comprehensive than the French one. The number of stages suitable for participants in the «Classic» is not unlimited and the options for route variations are few. Jean-Francois RAGEYS, the event organiser, makes it his business to find new routes each year, combining the pleasures of exploration with those of driving.



The 2008 event will be epochal. Divided into seven legs between 15 and 22 March, the route starts from the Royal capital, Rabat, and finishes as always in Marrakech. The total distance of 2,240 kms, divided by halts at Tangiers, Fez, Erfoud and Ouarzazate, includes 17 "Regularity Tests on the Road", includes at least 60% of roads not used previously.


Organised around a north-south axis, it is notable for traveling further south than ever before on the «Classic», heading all the way down to M’Hamid, well below Zagora, where a bivouac has been arranged (five-star, so don't worry): an exotic change of scenery is a definite promise!


Throughout the event, all of it on asphalt roads of bewitching beauty and endless variety, the ability of participants will be tested daily, with timing to the tenth of a second on the 17 Regularity Tests.


Treated throughout as VIPs, competitors will relax every day in some of the nation's most elegant watering holes (all four- or five-star hotels) and in the bivouac at M’Hamid. Each evening, they will find that their luggage has been brought by the organisers, who will also provide top-class mechanical service.


The quality of the facilities will be equalled only by the warmth of the Moroccan welcome and the safety of the event, guaranteed by the authorities. Competitors in the «Classic» will be treated as distinguished guests; after all, the event's Honorary President is the king's brother, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.


The 2008 «MAROC CLASSIC» is open to 70 crews, including some places reserved for the «Prestige» category (for recent GT cars), which has its own results. Novices can take part in an optional training session (started last year) on the day before the start. As usual, transport of the rally car to and from various European towns is available.


For the last eight years, the «Classic» has supported l’Heure Joyeuse ("Happy Hour"), a recognised charity which undertakes social work in rural areas. Thanks to the generosity of our competitors and sponsors, this partnership has raised almost three million Dirhams, all of which has gone to pay for rural projects undertaken by local organisations. Thus the slogan «La Route du Cœur» ("Way of the Heart").