Maxsport Historic Rally Championship - Devils Own Classic Rally
Run principally for the historics and always rewarded with a big following from across the British Isles, so it’s a chance to take on the Scots and
Irish. Afternoon tests, then 100 miles of North Lancs and Cumbrian lanes. Overseen by Kevin Savage.
When08 - 09 August 2009 (2 days) 

Over fifty years ago a group of motoring enthusiasts joined together to form Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club. The Devil’s Own Rally was one of the club’s first major events which was named unsurprisingly after Devil’s Bridge, a famous local landmark. The Devil’s Own Rally was one of the toughest night rallies enjoying the status of Motoring News Championship for many years. Our most famous competitor, Prince Michael of Kent, was in the early seventies when the Mexico Championship brought a level of competition not seen in rallying before. A kind of royal seal of approval!


The last two years we have run a two day event with a night section. However, this year due to pressure of opening a new business time has been against us. We have decided to concentrate on a one day test event. Hopefully next year we can run a full event once again.


The tests include some old favourites and some new venues. Mike Kirk is producing his usual high quality road book which will guide you between the tests before the finish at Crooklands Hotel.


The event will be open to all cars except vehicles running on petrol with forced induction with classes for the pre 68 cars.