Monza Four Hours - The Coppa Intereuropa Revival
Innovative organiser of the Coppa Intereuropa Jason Wright will shake up the Monza meeting this year with a four-hour race echoing the famous Monza 1000kms of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The Monza 1000 km race was for many years the highlight of the Italian season, often eclipsing in popularity the Italian GP. The same cars will be eligible now that were eligible then.
When02 - 03 June 2012 (2 days) 
CategoriesMeet & Greet, Race 

Essentially an extension of the 1000km series for pre-1972 prototypes, this will be one of the rounds counting towards the 1000km overall mileage and all 1000km cars are eligible. In addition, as in the early ‘70s, Touring cars and GT cars of the same period will be accepted in their own classes. These will include Ferrari Daytona, Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro, Porsche 911 and 914, Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA, GTAM, Ford Escort, Boss Mustang, Pantera etc.

The race is by invitation and will take place on Saturday afternoon June 2, with sensible refuelling arrangements in place. On Sunday, the same cars will line up in reverse grid order for a five-lap shootout, the winner of which will receive a big prize.

A full compliment of support races will be at the three-day meeting, including two of the most competitive series in historic racing today, Classic F3 and U2TC, not to mention the famous and very popular Alfa only race of the Scuderia del Portello.

The GT & Sports Car Cup will field a huge grid of Pre-’66 GT cars and pre-’63 sports prototypes, with Cobras and E-types at the sharp end, but also Alfa Romeo TZs, MGBs, Morgans and the diminutive Lotus XI and XV prototypes fighting for classes.

Earlier GT cars will be presented in the prestigious Pre-’63 GT race, last year dominated by the 330 GTO of Carlo Vögele against the ranks of Aston Martin Zagatos and Short Wheel Base Ferraris, while in the smaller classes, there will be a battle royal amongst a fleet of Lotus Elites, Alfa Giulietta SZs, AC Aces and Acecas.

For fans of Formula One, Boss GP has confirmed their grid of recent F1 cars.

This year’s Coppa Intereuropa will be more interesting than ever, as the organiser of the hugely successful Padova Auto Moto D’Epoca show has taken over the commercial aspect of the meeting and will be inviting clubs, concours and other off-track activities.