Monza Shell Historic Challenge
When27 - 29 March 2009 (3 days) 
Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Via Vedano n░ 5 - Parco di Monza - 20052 Monza
20052 Monza
Contact+39 039.24821 (Phone)


The Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge is far more than an historical racing series, it is a global racing festival that sees historic treasures competing on tracks around the world ľ and it offers Shell a unique and fascinating opportunity to display its fuel knowledge to the full.


Held at race tracks in Europe and North America since 1996, the Challenge sees cars such as the 250 GTO, 250 Testa Rossa, Competition Daytona and 250 LM in action together in a controlled environment where spectators can marvel at the grace and speed of some of the most beautiful, rare and valuable cars of the past century.


Shell, which first partnered with Enzo Ferrari in the 1930s, was the logical choice as a fuel and lubricants partner for the series. As an integral technical partner of Ferrari, Shell was tasked with providing special-grade fuel that offers the protective properties of lead-based fuel required by these vehicles but is much cleaner burning.


Shell used its extensive database of knowledge and expertise to create a synthetic replacement to the lead component which actually performed better in the engines of these classic cars. The majority of the products used in the cars are designed by Shell, including oils and lubricants that protect the cars and enhance their performance.


The participating cars were all built before 1982 and consist of Ferraris, Maseratis and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeos, all of which must be in possession of a "Technical Accreditation Document" from Ferrari, proving their original provenance. The cars are then divided into racing grids, dependant upon type and date of manufacture.


There are Challenges in Europe and North America, each consisting of five rounds, culminating in the World Finals in Italy during October, where up to 80,000 spectators are in attendance.


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