Peking to Paris 2013
When15 - 16 June 2013 (2 days) 

On 15 May 2013, the flag will fall at the start of the 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge... it will be the start of a remarkable adventure.


The intrepid motoring pioneers who set out in 1907 had no roads for the first 5,000 miles, no maps, no petrol stations... There were no mechanics along the way. Nobody expected them to survive the course. There was nothing to help guide their navigation but to keep the morning sun on their backs. Overcoming the difficulties to reach Paris was a real testament to the power of the human spirit.


Now, over 100 years later, it’s going to happen again providing motoring enthusiasts with a life changing experience that will live with them for ever. For those who join us, The 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will be thirty-three days of living an extraordinary adventure driving vintage and classic cars half-way around the world through some of the remotest places on earth...