Raid dell'Etna
A circuit of more than 1000 km to discover the most exclusive palaces and some lesser-known aspects of the Island. In addition 60 timed trials.
When29 September - 05 October 2019 (7 days) 
Deadline10 July 2019 (entry closed) 

Palermo PA
Contact+39 3396958030 (Phone)
+39 095 504569 (Fax)
+39 3483390628 (Mobile) 
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All cars built before December 31st, 1969 can participate in the "Raid dell’Etna 2019". Later-constructed cars may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organizer. In addition, cars of the Porsche brand, of any model year, will be admitted (SUV excluded). No specific vehicle type approval / certification is required. The driver must possess the ACIsport regularity licence, whose issue may also be requested at enrollment. The first 70 teams to have activated their registration will be accepted.



ETNA RAID TROPHY 2019 It will be assigned to the winner of the regularity race taking place during the rally. The drivers and navigators of the other crews classified up to the tenth overall position will also receive prizes, in addition to the first three crews classified in each grouping. The final ranking of the regularity race will take into account the age of the car. A handicap of 1,XX will be added to penalties incurred - XX referring to the two last digits of the car’s construction date. For example: with a 1945 car and 500 penalty points, the penalty applied to the final ranking would be 500x1,45 =725.

LADIES’ CUP TROPHY 2019 The prize will go to the first three teams (consisting exclusively of ladies) classified in the regularity race passing through the historic centre of Catania. The final ranking will take into account the age of the car, and will use a system like the Etna Raid Trophy.

BEST OVERALL PAINT CONDITION The prize will be awarded by the main sponsor DAS Detailing and it will be a full detailing job level “premium” by an official authorized centre.

GRAND PRIX G.N.V. "Grandi Navi Veloci” will offer as a prize three round-trip tickets for two persons (outside cabin) and their car to be used during the “Raid dell’Etna 2020”.

PORSCHE TRIBUTE The first five crews with Porsche cars of any epoch winning the regularity race will receive the prize.

GENTLEMAN DRIVER PEROFIL and LADY DRIVER OROBLU' Perofil and Oroblù will award the Raid dell’Etna 2019 “Gentlemen Driver” and “Lady Driver”.

FIRRATO CUP Clubs/stables present with the largest number of crews will be awarded.

CONDORELLI FIDELITY The oldest cars participating to the Raid dell'Etna 2019 will also receive an award.

CLASSIC MICHELIN In addition to the crews coming from far away, all the participants will receive a gift from Michelin. .