Riverside International Automotive Museum
Meet the racing legends who raced at Riverside International Raceway!!!
When27 - 20 March 2009 
WhereRiverside International Automotive Museum

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For those of us who have been around for a while, we here in Southern California, used to have a world class race track not too far away from Orange County. Riverside International Raceway was just that; World Class. The names of drivers who raced at Riverside is a virtual who’s -who in racing. Name a few you say? Gurney, Andretti, Jones, Donohue, Revson, Hulme, Mclaren, Follmer, Brabham, Unser, Patrick, Posey, Petty, Allison, Stewart, Stuck, Haywood, Gregg, Hobbs, Redman, Ginther, Shelby, St. James, our good friend Tony a2z- the list could take up pages alone. There is also an extraordinarily long list of great cars that were raced at Riverside as well, including the amazing Porsche 917 turbocharged Can-Am car driven by a certain Mr. Donohue who basically ran away and hid from the rest of the field ….and all by turn 2! We were there, still very young, but there!


Though Riverside went the way of “progress” some years ago and was unfortunately gone by the time we started driving competitively - we had been there many, many times; watching our hero’s and as a crew member for Tommy Kendall and Max Jones in 1985 when he and Max shared a championship season in the IMSA Firehawk series.


Though the raceway is gone, there is a gentleman who simply refuses to let it die. Doug Magnon is preserving the history of the great raceway and has done so by sharing its sensational history with all of us at the Riverside International Automotive Museum. This is a must see venue for automotive and racing enthusiasts and just a short jog out the 91 freeway from Orange County. Inside the museum, is a wonderful collection of memorabilia and a terrific grouping of automobiles; including some fantastic Gurney Eagles, one of which, is the very car that our good friend Tony Adamowicz drove to his 1969 Formula 5000 championship and in which he is now competing again; some forty years later.


This gets even better! On March 27th through March 29th, the museum will be holding a Charity Film Festival and Gala Event. A vast number of auto racing legends which had raced at Riverside Raceway will be in attendance. The list is so long that it is just easier to direct you to the web-site. If you share the same passion as we do for motorsport, this is a must do event! The opportunity to rub elbows with the truly great hero’s of auto racing, is a once in a life-time experience that simply can not be missed! Tickets are available on-line.


Please order you tickets NOW as they are limited.