Texas 1000
Saddle Up and drive with us, partner!
All-new Route for 2O11!
Spectacular roads and scenery in the famous Texas Hill Country, plus San Antonio, Austin and 1OOO miles of unbeatable driving!
When06 - 11 November 2011 (7 days) 
Deadline24 October 2011 (entry closed) 
WhereWestin La Cantera
16641 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX
Contact+1(860) 364-0311 (Phone)
+1 (860) 364-5899 (Fax)
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WHAT? TEXAS 1OOO is a five-day, 1OOO-mile, Mille Miglia-style tour/rally over paved roads. Proceeds go to local charities. We've given away well over $1,OOO,OOO so far.


RALLY? TEXAS 1OOO consists of time/speed/distance rally stages on public roads. Each stage is typically 5O to 8O miles in length and timed to the second. Average speeds are set to obey local speed laws. For scoring, the rally is split into classes by year of manufacture, engine size, etc.


WHERE? From one side of the Texas Hill Country to the other and back again, over some of the most beautiful and least-travelled roads in America!


Each day covers about 25O miles. All driving is on paved, two-lane roads; no highways, no big cities, no dirt or gravel. There are a few long straights, but mostly our roads range from glorious sweepers to tight switchbacks. There are no finer Grand Touring roads in the world.


WHEN? At the loveliest time of the year in Texas. Starting November 6 and finishing November 11, 2O11.


WHO? You, and a small group of like-minded car enthusiasts. Texas 1OOO is restricted to 5O cars...another reason to reserve your entry immediately!

THE CARS: Texas 1OOO is open to any sports, racing or GT car 1975 or earlier, or any exotic sports car of any year.


PAPERWORK: Drivers must have a valid U.S. or foreign driver's license; cars must be insured and registered for use on public roads ("shop plates" are okay, so long as you have proper insurance). We don't drive at night.


GRAND HOTELS, GOURMET MEALS: This is truly Gran Turismo, only better. We stay only in Grand Luxe hotels and resorts, eat only in the finest restaurants available. You're free to concentrate on your driving and your fun.


Our attention to detail is legendary. Everything is handled for you, from route books to luggage. Our events are all-inclusive: breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine and beer with dinner, snacks, mechanics, everything. Your only personal expense is gasoline.


GIFTS AND PRIZES: You won't have to pay extra for commemorative items and clothing, nor will you be besieged by companies trying to sell you stuff. Everything is included in your entry fee, and our mailing list is strictly confidential.


SHIPPING: We can help arrange shipping from anywhere in the world, as well as safe car storage before or after the event. CALL US!


SPECIAL SERVICES: Accompanying each of our events are trucks to carry your luggage, transporters from Exotic Car Transport to pick up broken vehicles, trained mechanics from RPM Vermont to get you back on the road, timing and scoring people, even medical professionals, just in case. We even supply free new Porsche sports cars for you to drive if your own car breaks and can't be repaired.