The Arctic Circle
The northern part of the route on the longest day of the year - where the sun never sets.
When12 - 28 June 2020 (17 days) 
WherePotsdam to Oslo
Elspeterweg 10
8171ET Vaassen
Contact+31 578 575100 (Phone)

+31 652 543378 (Mobile) 

A drive of discovery around the Baltic. From Potsdam to the most northern part of the route on the longest day of the year. Celebrate Midsummer with the locals, eventually finishing in Oslo.

There will be two categories; Vintage cars of a type in production before the end of 1948, and Classic cars of a type in production before the end of 1969. Whilst not eligible for overall awards, cars in production before the end of 1972 will be accepted at the organisers discretion. Whichever type you decide to bring it should be reliable, have a fuel range of at least 300km, and be fitted with an accurate tripmeter.

Above all the event is intended to be friendly and fun; with time to socialise with your fellow participants and enjoy the scenery and other attractions en-route. It is certainly not a Winter Trial like event in the sense of intense, complicated competition. We will be driving 3 or 4 regularities per day (area permitting) and an occasional driving test. Because of the total distance to be covered, the individual days could be long, but the fast, empty, and beautifully engineered roads of this part of Europe and Scandinavia should ensure you cover the distance easily. We are sure that any newcomer will feel right at home on this event.

The roads we will use are generally good asphalt or some smooth gravel; but there will be no car-breaking sections. Early summer temperatures in Scandinavian countries vary from around 13-22C in the south to 8-16 C in the north. Some rainfall may be expected so you should carry warm clothes and waterproofs. However, twenty years ago we had a heatwave in Poland and snow on the highest roads in Norway!