The Corinuium Run
organised by Cirencester Car Club. This most popular of events runs through the beautiful Cotswolds as an economy run, which means you have plenty if time to study the scenery. The event nearly always runs with a full entry of 80+ so an early application is a must for this one.
When19 April 2009 


Starting and finishing near Cirencester, the run takes in the pretty villages and the dry-stone walled majesty of the Cotswolds as it covers approximately 100 miles on a tulip roadbook. Normally split into several sections, with route checks and a lunch halt, opportunity to stop and pose for a photographs or stop for a picnic.


As well as asking participants to nominate the economy figure that they expected to achieve (and calculating the deviation from this target) the organisers resurrected the efficiency formula pioneered by the Mobilgas Economy Runs of the 1960s and 1970s as an incentive to drive as economically as possible. This formula involves the vehicle running weight (including the crew)


A finishers certificate recording the crews achievements and a photograph of the car somewhere on the route is presented to each team at the end of the run.


Petrol or Diesel powered cars of any age can enter the Run.