The myth - 2000 Kilometres trough Germany
The Revival of a Myth: 2000 Kilometres trough Germany has been a Non-Stopp-Tour in the years 1933 and 1934. You can┤t do it in the same way nowadays, but driving the distance in three days will be as well a challenge.
When07 - 11 September 2011 (5 days) 
Deadline31 July 2011 (entry closed) 
Schillerstrasse 4/6
76530 Baden-Baden
Tel. 0049-7221-9000
D 76530 Baden-Baden
Contact+49 (0)5036 92260 (Phone)
+49 (0)5036 92262- (Fax)
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A historical challenge


Starting in Baden-Baden, the historical correct location, the check-in will take place at Wednesday 7 of September at famous Brenners Park-Hotel. The three legs to drive will have distances of 2 times 750 Kilometres and another 500 kilometres to the arrival. Start will be at Thursday, 8 of September


The route will lead from Baden-Baden via Ulm, Munich, Ingolstadt, Bayreuth and Plauen to Zwickau. Hotel and dinner will be arranged. Next day the participants will drive trough Dresden, Potsdam, Brandenburg, TangerhŘtte, Helmstedt, Hildesheim and Hameln to Meschede, where the next stay for one night is prepared. At saturday, 10 of September Bonn, NŘrburgring, Traben-Trarbach, Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe are on the way to final destination of Baden-Baden.


Race control is taken by GPS: Speeding is not allowed, the right way has to be followed.


Please find more information (until now just in german kanguage) on www.2000km.net/mythos-ohne-halt-fahrt/ or send an Email to L.Doehmann (at)2000km.com