The Unique Cars International Concours
The event is postponed to 2008
When21 - 23 September 2007 (3 days) 

UNIQUE CARS is an ambitious and diversified project dedicated to collectors, who are themselves, as "unique" as the cars they own and carefully preserve. The idea is partly to bring together and catalogue these special one-off cars, but also to display them on spectacular occasions. Specialist journals often publish articles or photographic reports on "unique" classic cars, many of which remain hidden away in their gilded garage-prisons, inaccessible to close-up inspection by true connoisseurs. Why should knowledge of these rarities be confined to the printed page? Why not find some way of allowing a wider public to admire these unique creations? This wideranging project will rely on its emotional appeal to the owners of these treasures, who will surely take pride in seeing their prized possessions registered and catalogued for the very first time, in the "UNIQUE CARS INTERNATIONAL REGISTER".

The Register will also promote a special annual event "THE UNIQUE CARS INTERNATIONAL CONCOURS", subdivided in categories, during which enthusiasts will be able to admire these cars, at some prestigious venue that will offer an elegant, interesting and scenic setting. A car, of course, may become "Unique" for a variety of reasons, even if it was not originally the only one of its kind. Some, indeed, are "unique" merely because they were once owned by famous people or evoke memories of significant events.

All unique cars represent their own chapters in Automotive History, known only to the informed few. For example, some were part of the story of the emergence of the celebrity "car designers", while others were the work of designers who made their mark at the time, but who have since disappeared without trace. The UNIQUE CARS project will also include prototypes and experimental models which constructors and designers created to investigate lines and shapes and mechanical solutions they hoped to apply to future production models.

All this information will be recorded and collated on a special "Unique Cars International Register" website:, which is about to go on line. Visitors to the site will find the information they need in the Register's UNIQUE CARS, together with technical specifications and construction details, as well as fascinating and entertaining items of general interest.