Vintage Paris - Madrid 2013
Once in a while an iconic event is born and on 24 May 2013 just such an occasion will take place as the first cars are flagged away from Versailles to commemorate the incredible 1903 Paris-Madrid race.
When24 - 26 May 2013 (3 days) 

The original race was flagged off with excitement and expectation but was prematurely halted in Bordeaux, marking the end of road racing and the birth of motorsport as we know it today. From then on races were for circuits and rallying on roads was governed by strict rules. It is the great unfinished symphony of the motoring world and we will add the final notes to complete the work.

We are marking the 110th anniversary with a classic reliability trial to test the skills of the driver and navigator along with the capabilities of the car. We have also created the Charles Jarrott Trophy to commemorate the first recognised British motoring hero who was also seeded Car No 1 for the great race of 1903.