1935 Ford Deluxe PhaetonSOLD

RM Auctions - Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction - August 16-18

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Estimate: $35,000-$45,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $33,000

Model 48, 85hp, 221cu. in. V8 engine, three-speed sliding gear transmission, three-quarter floating rear axle, four-wheel mechanical brakes. Wheelbase: 112"

As Ford weathered the deepening Depression, it tempted and encouraged those few families in America who could afford to buy a new car with the slogan, “ Greater Beauty, Greater Comfort, and Greater Safety. ” For 1935, Ford updated their styling with more curvaceous, flowing fenders. The front fenders curved around the wheels and came down in behind the bumper. The lines on the body were also softer, for a far less angular and upright look. As well, the narrow front grille no longer came down into a point. The side hood louvers were horizontal instead of vertical, with bright metal accents. The parking lamps were placed in the painted headlights, which eliminated the need for cowl lamps. Both the Standard and DeLuxe models had a painted dash, but the DeLuxe version had chrome accents. Other features of the DeLuxe Fords included bright windshield and grille trim, as well as twin horns and taillights. The 1935 Ford Model 48 DeLuxe Phaeton offered here was lovingly restored by a devoted Ford collector in the early 1980s. Towed home in boxes, but with a solid body and frame, the Ford was completely restored over the next two years. The body and fenders were painted a stylish dark blue. A chestnut colored pinstripe and similarly painted wheels added contrast, as did the tan cloth top. Inside, chestnut panels and a tan vinyl interior complemented the exterior colors. Tan carpets front and back added to the overall DeLuxe look. The chrome was all replaced or re-plated at the time of restoration and still has excellent luster. The 85 horsepower, 221 cubic inch V8 engine was rebuilt and fully painted and detailed to the owner ’ s tastes. Other features include a rear trunk and rack, dual chrome horns and driving lights, a hood ornament, windwings, wide whitewall tires, over- riders and chrome exhaust tips. Over the passage of time, the quality of the restoration has developed a slight patina from years of enjoyment. The 1935 advertising campaign, along with the fresh, modern styling, resulted in Ford being America ’ s top selling car in 1935, yet only 6,073 Model 48 DeLuxe Phaetons were produced. Far fewer have survived, which makes this already very desirable Ford even more of a collectible prize.

Reference Number 10095

as of 6/1/2007

Car 1935 Ford Deluxe Phaeton
VIN 182010795 
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