1952 Mercedes-Benz 220A Cabriolet (W187)SOLD

RM Auctions - Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction - August 16-18

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Estimate: $80,000-$110,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $154,000

Specifications: 80bhp 2,195cc overhead camshaft inline six-cylinder engine, four-speed synchromesh transmission, four wheel independent suspension, and power assisted four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase: 112"

As Austrian expatriate who had taken up residence in New York in the 1930s, Max Hoffman built an enterprise around importing and distributing European cars in the U.S. Immediately after the Second World War, Hoffman became the U.S. Mercedes-Benz distributor, continuing to represent the company until the company's ill-fated alliance with Studebaker-Packard in 1956.

The first postwar Mercedes was the 170 series, rushed into production using what little prewar tooling could be found. It was powered by an anemic 38 horsepower, 1,697, side valve four-cylinder engine better suited to agricultural machinery than an automobile bearing the Mercedes star.

The situation wasn ’ t allowed to persist for long. In 1951, Mercedes installed a proper engine – a single overhead camshaft six-cylinder displacing 2,195cc, giving 80 horsepower – into a revised chassis, the 220. This competent motorcar was clothed in attractive bodies from Mercedes ’ own coachworks and was built and trimmed in a fashion more appropriate to the company ’ s tradition using luxury appointments like varnished wood and leather.

Aided by Hoffman ’ s promotion and distribution, the 220 was quickly accepted. Just over 16,000 were built during the model ’ s three-year production. Most were closed sedans, however, almost 2,000 were endowed with more luxurious and attractive open coachwork, of which the blind rear quarter two to three seat Cabriolet is at once the most attractive and desirable. The 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet offered here was completely restored in 1992 and still displays its excellent restoration very well. Finished in burgundy with a tan convertible top showing only minor signs of wear, the 220A features buckets seats up front and a folding bench seat in the rear. It still retains its original factory fitted luggage while all woodwork in the interior has been replaced. Shifting gears is smooth and effortless with a four-speed column-mounted shifter that is both responsive and dependable. Driven only sparingly since its refurbishment, this fine automobile has been seen at Meadow Brook Hall ’ s Concours d ’ Elegance, where it represented the Mercedes-Benz name with pride. It rides on wide whitewall tires that give it a truly classic look. Its unique combination of colors and dependable Mercedes-Benz craftsmanship will make this fine automobile the centerpiece of any collection.

Reference Number 10136

as of 6/1/2007

Car 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220A Cabriolet (W187)
VIN 0343152 
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