1948 Talbot Lago T 26 C monoplace T26CSOLD
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Having worked for the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq company, Antonio Lago raised the sufficient funds to salvage part of the company on it's failure in 1935. The new company being called SA Automobiles Talbot. Aiming to raise the profile of the company through racing, he designed a four litre, six cylinder engine, which when fitted to modified lightweight cars, secured a number of GP successes in 1937, including 1-2-3s in both the Marseilles and the French GPs , a win in Tunis, and a 1-2 in the Donnington TT.
These early successes led to a grant from the French Racing Fund Committee which enabled the development of both a three litre supercharged engine and a four and a half litre GP engine. Whilst neither could compete with the might of the German teams, The French racing tradition was at least being upheld. GP and sports Talbots all bore a striking similarity, with wishbone and transverse leaf spring suspension at the front and a live axle at the rear mounted on a channel section ladder chassis, they were robust and reliable if heavy. This reliability proved popular with privateer drivers for whom the starting money was important, as the more temperamental Italian cars in particular may have the edge on performance, but were by no means easy to maintain between races.

After the War, Lago again entered the GP arena, with the pre war car contesting some of the earliest races in war torn France, with Chiron winning the French GP and Rosier winning in Albi.

In 1948 the company became known as Talbot-Lago, and with the help of chief engineer Carlo Marchetti, developed the GP car into the T-26C. A revision of the earlier design, the new car featured revised valve gear similar to that used by Riley to produce a design similar in result to a DOHC, which raised power output to 240Bhp.

Philippe Etancelin was already 49 years old when he returned to competition after the war. In 1946 he ran a Maserati 6CM of Scuderia Milan, and in 1947 with a Delage, as the Talbot was not yet completed.

Having gained the support of the events organisers (keen to see a former victor in a competitive car) Etancelin made his debut in T-26C 110008 at the Reims GP in July. Etancelin, mechanic Maurice Beaucreux and the Talbot-Lago became regulars at GPs around Europe and South America throughout the following seasons, racing as far a field as Britain, Italy and Argentina, as well as all over France, securing a win in the Paris GP in 1949 and a number of second places. By the end of the 1950 season, Etancelin, by then in his mid 50's, decided to stop racing, and sold 110008 to Jean Achard an active member of the French resistance and Chairman of the French national federation of former combatants. Having made his racing debut in a Supercharged Maserati 1500 after the war, Achard was a former team mate of Piere Levegh, another Talbot driver. In January 1951 Achard moved to Brazil, taking with him 110008 with the intention of not only racing in local events, but also entering Indianapolis. The Talbot Lago then passed to another local driver Pinheiro Pires.

Pires never raced outside Brazil , and having previously raced a supercharged single seat Ferrari, raced the Talbot between 1951 and 1953. In 1954 Pires lent the car to his friend Gino Bianco who ran 110008 in the Rio de Janiero GP, it's last competitive outing in Brazil.

By the early 1980s the car was brought to the UK where Paul Grist began it's restoration. The Chassis was restored and the suspension reassembled onto the frame, along with the fuel tank. The engine, Wilson Pre selector gearbox and the cross member were then reunited with the running gear, having been on display separately mounted in a frame along with the necessary oil tanks, sump etc

During the course of the restoration the car passed into the collection of the last owner who since its completion has raced the car regularly in HGPCA events and at events such as the Goodwood revival meeting as well as displaying the car regularly. As a result the car is in race ready condition and ready to return to the circuits and hill climb events where it has proved so entertaining for driver and spectators alike, racing the ERAs, Maseratis and Connaughts as it did so successfully in period.

This car is a rare and welcome sight on the Historic Grids, as these imposing and powerful machines are increasingly cosseted in museums and private collections around the world.

This car has once again competed at the presitigous 2005 Goodwood Revival and is fully ready for campaign in 2006.

Reference Number 1022

as of 6/15/2006

Car 1948 Talbot Lago T 26 C monoplace T26C
VIN 110008 
Exterior / Interior Color      Light Blue 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Options Competition: Full Race setup
Exterior: Wire wheels 
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