1934 Lagonda RapierSOLD

A very good example of one of Lagonda's finest machines!

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Timothy Ashcroft's totally new design of a small car for Lagonda apparently created somthing of a stir when it was first revealed to the public. This was hardly surprising considering the range of successful but larger and more conservative cars the Lagonda buying public was used to! It had a totally new chassis with a very advanced 1100cc three bearing crankshaft plus twin overhead cam-shaft engine capable of running safely up to 6,000 rpm and able to hold 5,500 rpm for long periods.
The engine was mated to an ENV preselector gearbox which gave very fast gearchanges and was also very easy to use. The car handled superbly, steering and stopping well and it could maintain 75 mph for long periods. All in all quite something for a small car though it was quite a jewel of a design so perhaps
no-one should have been surprised. Mind you it wasn't a cheap car as in 1935/36 a 4 seat Rapier tourer would set you back about £375 compared with £285 for an MG N Type 4 seat tourer or £310 for a Riley 9 Lynx 4 seat tourer. However you definitely got what you paid for and still do today! This particular car is an original Abbott drop head coupe which very nicely combines the comfort and useability of 4 seat bodywork plus a decent folding roof and wind up windows with really sporting performance and handling so you get the best of both worlds. It has been the subject of a well documented body off rebuild which started after the car was bought in 1992 by an enthusiast who kept the most detailed record of just about everything he did with and to the car! It is impossible to summarise the record, you will have to read it for yourself or better still just come and drive the car, it soon lets you know that it is in super condition. However, you should be warned that you will probably want to buy it!

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as of 6/11/2007

Car 1934 Lagonda Rapier
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