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The plastic bodied Bijou was launched at the London Motor Show in October 1959 and was only built in Slough between 1959 and 1964. It was basically a 2CV with a body designed by Peter Kirwan-Taylor (who later worked for Lotus and designed the Lotus Elite) to appeal to the British market as sales of the 2CV were slow. Only 214 were ever produced with the vendor informing us only 8 or 9 are in existence. (One resides in the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville). The body is made of fibreglass and the car features the 425 cc engine also seen in the 2CV with the windscreen being the back window of the DS Safari!

The car is finished in red and requires a full restoration. According to the owner the fibreglass body is showing no signs of corrosion on the main body of the car and all the underpinnings are 2CV so restoration should be fairly straightforward. This is an extremely rare car that is sure to turn heads and is offered here at No Reserve.

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as of 7/4/2007

Car 1964 CitroŽn Bijou
VIN 8/0295