1954 Bentley R Type Long Wing Drophead CoupeSOLD
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Estimate: ú45,000-50,000

Sold: ú55,403

Announced in May 1946, the Bentley Mark VI featured a strong channel section chassis with independent wishbone/coil spring front suspension and a live leaf-sprung rear axle. Drum brakes were fitted all-round, with Rolls-Royce's mechanical servo assistance, the front ones for the first time on a Bentley operated hydraulically. Power was provided by the pre-war B60 4,257cc six cylinder engine with overhead inlet/side exhaust valves and belt rather than gear-driven dynamo and water pump, both major changes from previous Rolls-Royce practice, sufficient to propel the Bentley, via twin SU carburettors, to 90mph. Notably, some prototype tests of the Mark VI were conducted during the war by Cabinet ministers and military officers. The only major mechanical change came in May 1951 when engine capacity was increased to 4,566cc together with a change from a by-pass oil filter system to one-using a full-flow layout. The same year the Mark VI was joined by the R-Type, basically the same vehicle but with a longer and more commodious boot. In total, 5,201 Bentley Mark VI's were produced with 2,320 being R-Types. Production ceased in 1955.

This most elegant of open R-Types, the Long Wing Drophead Coupe, has spent a large part of its life in the mostly sunnier climes of the United States and has only recently been brought back to the UK. B157 YE is strikingly finished in silver grey with a matching grey hide interior and a contratsing black hood. The interior has recebtly benefitted from the fitment of new carpets, whereas the rest of the car is presented in its unrestored glory, but is nevertheless reported to be in good condnition throughout. Here is a chance to purchase a convertible or regal proportions and elegance, yet at a much more accessible outlay than its more expensive open-top Bentley stablemates. All European taxes have been paid.

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as of 7/4/2007

Car 1954 Bentley R Type Long Wing Drophead Coupe
VIN B 157 YE