1935 Lagonda Rapier TourerSOLD

Race tuned 1.5 litre so quite possibly one of the the fastest road going Rapiers around with full competition potential.

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This car is a quite exceptional example of the ground breaking Rapier designed for Lagonda by Timothy Ashcroft. In addition to being in super fully restored condition it has the huge benefit of a race proven 1.5 litre twin cam engine (Rapiers are usually 1,100 cc) which is estimated to be delivering 100 bhp against a standard car's already very adequate 45 bhp. This has been achieved by some very special development work which can be summarised as follows:- the engine has special pistons which deliver an 11:1 compression ratio, these being attached by lightweight connecting rods to a balanced crankshaft; the large valve, gas flowed head carries high lift camshafts with 67 degrees overlap, twin 1.5 inch SU carburettors and a four branch extractor exhaust and the sparks are provided by a Scintilla Vertex magneto. The car sits on new rolled-edge wheels fitted with 550 x 18 Blockley tyres, the rear pair being driven by an ENV preselector gearbox mated to a 4.5:1 rear axle which gives 20 mph per 1,000 rpm in top gear. As you can imagine speeds in excess of 100 mph are readily attainable!
The whole affair is wrapped up in a superbly made replica Newns Eagle body which has full leather interior trim and a mohair hood and tonneau cover.
The car, which looks superb, just comes alive when you start it up and it's competition purpose is immediately obvious as it goes like a rocket and handles like a dream. If you want what must be one of the very the best road going Rapiers which also has very strong competitive potential then here it is! N.B. the Castrol oil tin you can see in the engine picture is a temporary fluid catch tank which is required by race scrutineers on all cars. It can be removed in seconds for road use.

Reference Number 10996

as of 7/8/2007

Car 1935 Lagonda Rapier Tourer
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