1954 Cadillac Series 64 "Eldorado"SOLD
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Estimate: $60,000-$80,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $71,500

210bhp, 331 cu. in. overhead valve V8 engine, hydramatic automatic transmission, independent coil spring front suspension, live rear axle and four-wheel power assisted drum brakes. Wheelbase: 115"

By 1954, the undisputed "King of Luxury Cars" in the United States was Cadillac. With bold styling that lavished the owner with unparalleled amounts of chrome, one of the most powerful V8 engines ever produced and a wealth of electrically operated gadgets, it was tough for the marketing people to come up with something even more spectacular. Part of that problem was solved when in 1953, Cadillac, along with sister divisions Oldsmobile and Buick, were allowed to create special, over-the-top convertibles. From Cadillac came the Eldorado. Named after the mythical City of Gold, this sleek model was very limited in production for that first year, but it opened the possibilities in following seasons that Cadillac buyers would be willing to step up to even more opulent motoring. Thus in 1954, an all new Eldorado was released.

What was optional on most other cars came standard with Eldorado: windows that opened and closed at the touch of a button, steering and braking the car was all power assisted. For the radio, a travel-tuner would stop when a power transmitter was intercepted, and for better reception, the touch of a button would raise the antenna. Under the hood there was plenty of power from the big V8 engine and shifting was as painless as pulling a lever. Other conveniences of the day included the Autronic-Eye that automatically dimmed your headlights when approaching motorists were detected, and of course, there was the mandatory clock in the dashboard to keep you punctual for that important business meeting or luncheon date.

Back in the 1950s, just having a car of superior quality and extra cost wasn't enough, you had to let the world know that you had arrived and Eldorado for 1954 did just that. Sparkling Kelsey-Hayes chrome wire wheels helped, and both rear quarter panels were covered with bright aluminum trim. Adding length to an already long car was an optional Sport-Deck tire carrier, known more commonly as a continental kit, and when someone was lucky enough to talk to the owner, the bright saddle trim below the door and quarter windows was just one more splash of flash.

The beautiful 1954 Eldorado convertible we are honored to present was the subject of an older cosmetic restoration. Used only for short drives and an occasional showing, this car has been well maintained. Finished in a beautiful shade of red and fitted with white leather interior in the factory correct pattern, this car is equipped with all the extras of the day including power for steering, braking, opening and closing windows and even raising the radio antenna. Even keeping the windshield clean is a snap with the automatic washers this car has. To the rear of the car there is the spare-tire carrier complete with the extended exhaust pipes ported properly through the bumper extensions, and all wheels are dazzling with their chrome wires, and that includes the spare in the trunk!

For connoisseurs of Cadillacs, this 1954 Eldorado invites you to come look it over. Considered one of the most desired of all American cars from the 1950s, this example is ready to go at the twist of a key.

Reference Number 11110

as of 7/11/2007

Car 1954 Cadillac Series 64 "Eldorado"
VIN 546222206 
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