1931 Studebaker President Four Seasons RoadsterSOLD
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Estimate: $125,000-$175,000 US

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $115,500

122 bhp, 337 cu. in. nine main bearing side valve eight-cylinder engine with three-speed synchromesh transmission, leaf spring and solid axle front suspension and leaf spring and live axle rear suspension and four- wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 130"

One of the oldest names in the automobile industry, the Studebaker Company was formed in 1852 as a wagon manufacturer. By the late twenties, Studebaker was a successful manufacturer of mid-market cars that offered luxury, comfort and stylish designs at an affordable price.

In 1928, Studebaker made a bid for the high-end car market with the introduction of the new President, featuring a new high output eight-cylinder engine. According to Studebaker, the new President found “ a parallel in sustained speed only in the light of comets, meteors, and other heavenly bodies. ”

Marketing aside, it was this engine that earned Studebaker a strong reputation in the performance world. In 1928, three Presidents circled the Atlantic City board track for 25,000 miles, averaging 68mph. Later, in 1931, the engine was upgraded to nine main bearing construction, and a modified President won the Pike ’ s Peak hillclimb.

Studebakers were also quite successful at the Indy 500, always finishing in the top 10.

Despite what many consider to be a series of management misadventures, Studebaker was still a force in the market in 1931. Struggling with the acquisition of Pierce-Arrow and burdened with a diverse product line, the company rallied around the new President model to establish an image of spirited performance.

With the introduction of the nine main bearing version of the President engine for 1931, Studebaker stepped up its efforts to show off the car ’ s abilities. The results speak for themselves: Studebaker held 114 records, 35 of which would still stand 35 years later. No other car of its era was as successful in motor sports competition.

Studebaker executives managed to combine their successes on the track with their customer cars and perhaps there is no better representation of this than in the 1931 Four Seasons Roadster offered here which comes from the esteemed White Glove Collection.

Having benefited from a full, professionally executed restoration, the Four Seasons Roadster is in very presentable condition. The Studebaker has never been to show, but given its current condition and remarkable adherence to original specifications, it is expected that it would do very well within either AACA, CCCA or Studebaker Club events. The Four Seasons Roadster is equipped with many accessories, including the rare and desirable Studebaker Flying Lady mascot, Trippe headlights, radiator stone guard, dual side mounted spares with mirrors, a rumble seat, and a luggage rack.

The 80-R Four Seasons Roadster represents one of the most useable two passenger classics in existence. The roll-up windows offer fully enclosed dry motoring when needed and disappear easily at the sight of top-down driving weather. With only 54 1931 Studebaker President Four Seasons Roadsters registered in the Classic Car Club of America and Studebaker Club, it makes them an extremely desirable tour and show car as more often than not it is the only one of its kind at the event.

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as of 7/14/2007

Car 1931 Studebaker President Four Seasons Roadster
VIN 7037191 
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