1985 AC Cobra MK IVSOLD
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Estimate: $75,000-$100,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $66,000

302 cu. in. V8, 240bhp, five-speed manual transmission, rack and pinion steering, front suspension by unequal length wishbones with coil springs and twin tube dampers, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 97.3 ö

The sensational performance and popularity of the AC Cobra confirms the Anglo-American hybrid as one of the most important automotive icons of all time. Its enduring appeal, low production and extraordinary value as a top tier collector car today has made it the most replicated design of all time.

The AC Cobra Mk IV, however, is no copy or plastic replicar. It was introduced by Cobra parts supplier Autokraft of Britain in 1982, built under exclusive license from AC using the original jigs, body bucks and tooling. As such, it is a genuine AC Cobra, and a true continuation of the fundamental line with its all-aluminum bodywork and carbureted 5-liter Ford crate V8s (for the U.S.) mated with the bulletproof T5 manual transmission.

By 1986, Autokraft ĺ s Brian Angliss acquired the AC company outright from the Hurlock family after 56 years of ownership, and later attracted Ford as a partner in the venture. After Ford tired at the slow pace of new model introduction, Angliss retook total control and manufactured the Mk IV until 1996.

The legitimacy of the Mk IV Cobra is further confirmed by its inclusion into the Shelby American World Registry, which currently features only 197 known examples of these last cars to be built by the original AC company. The timeless formula embodied in the Cobra continues to stir the passions of enthusiasts decades on ľ the emblem of a true star!

The classic British Racing Green with tan Mk IV offered here has traveled less than 6,700 original miles and should be considered one of the best examples in the country. The specification is the most desirable as well, delivered without hood scoop, roll bar or other boy-racer affectation and represents a prime opportunity to join the authentic Cobra club at a fraction of the cost of the Ĺ 60s cars.

Reference Number 11469

as of 7/21/2007

Car 1985 AC Cobra MK IV
VIN SA9AK3023FA017085 
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