1964 Amphicar SOLD
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Estimate: $50,000-$70,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $60,500

Specifications: 43hp, 70 cu. in. inline four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, twin screw propellers, four-wheel independent suspension with coil springs and tubular shock absorbers, hydraulically actuated front disc and rear drum brakes. Wheelbase: 82.7"

There are better cars, and there also are better boats, but there is no better way to draw a crowd than with an Amphicar.

Designed by Hans Trippel and built in Germany, the Amphicar was a recreational vehicle aimed squarely at the American leisure market. Its concept was devoid of utility… unless its owner lived on an island in an extremely calm lake… but it was undeniably fun and brought a swarm of entranced onlookers each time one splashed into the water, its twin propellers churning away as it drove into the drink. Observers ’ fascination may have been morbid, but when the little Amphicar motored away across the ripples their smiles were genuine. An unlikely concept, the Amphicar worked and made a Saturday afternoon at the beach an unforgettable occasion.

Only 800 or so Amphicars were built, and many have perished. Powered by a 1,147cc Triumph Herald engine, their performance on land was amiable. In the water, 43 horsepower made little headway against the hydrodynamic resistance of four wheels. An Amphicar ’ s drawbacks as an automobile or as a boat, however, had little impact upon its charm and the niche they have claimed in the hearts of collectors. An Amphicar brings smiles – whether of enthusiasm or of amazement makes no difference – to the faces of all who behold them, a concept so outrageous that its very existence is cause for awe and wonder.

The charming 1964 Amphicar presented here was treated to a cosmetic restoration and a thorough mechanical service in 2005, which included new paint and the installation of a new convertible top. It was originally a California car and retains its California boating stickers. The actual mileage remains remarkably low at only 7,182 miles.

Finished in red with white wheels, the body is sound and the all-important door gaps should seal well if the next owner decides to try out the car ’ s amphibiousness. The Amphicar is still quite presentable and mechanically fit. Amphicars are charming and popular drivers. Even if they never venture into the water the possibility is always there and that holds the attention, and the smiles, of both passengers and onlookers.

Reference Number 11475

as of 7/21/2007

Car 1964 Amphicar
VIN 100583 
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