2005 Aston Martin DBR9 GT Race car SOLD
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Aston Martin Racing DBR9 chassis number 102, the 1 in front of the number designates it as a 'Customer' car as oppose to a 'works' car. The specification of the car is unique and was done as a special specifically tailored to the clients requirements, the major alterations from a standard DBR9 are as follows;
1. Engine - Uprated performance
2. Aerodynamic package - High down force
3. Gearbox - Semi automatic
4. Reduced dry weight
The car has completed approximately 1000km from new, this equates to roughly six hours, the engine has only completed 500 kms since new. All test mileage, the car has never raced and has never been crashed
The engine fitted to this car and the spare that is included are both uprated 'D specification' engines, they are significantly more powerful, (around 13% or 75 bhp) than the standard engine of that time

Aerodynamic package
The car was requested with a 'High downforce' setup that did not respect series regulations, as such a specific kit was developed for that car and briefly comprises, extended high down force front splitter, full width high down force rear wing.

The car is fitted with the standard DBR9 gearbox with a pneumatic operated semi-automatic paddle shift system has been installed. To aid gear down shift, a 'throttle blipper' has been fitted to the engine throttle system.

Options on the car include;
Vented bonnet driver cooling system, front duct mounted fuel cooler, Front splitter bullet (aero tuning device), oil recirculation kit for endurance races, carbon brakes, full sensor package, including; LVDT's, pedal box sensors and gearbox sensors, PI Delta data logging system with removable flash card.

The car is supplied with a spares package

Reference Number 11595

as of 7/24/2007

Car 2005 Aston Martin DBR9 GT Race car
Exterior / Interior Color      Green /      Black 
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