1970 Lamborghini Miura P400 SSOLD
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Estimate: $350,000-$450,000 US

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $473,000

370bhp at 7,340 rpm transverse mounted 4-litre alloy V-12 SOC engine, Weber carburetors, five-speed manual gearbox, sheet steel platform chassis with aluminum body panels, independent front and rear suspension with A-arms, coil springs with tubular shocks and anti-roll bars, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 98.4"

“ An exercise in automotive art ” - Road & Track Magazine, April, 1970.
It is fair to say that before the Miura, Lamborghini produced some outstanding Grand Touring automobiles, which, despite their superlative mechanical specifications, somehow lacked a definite persona. All of this was to change on March 10, 1966 when the Geneva Motor Show opened its doors to the public. Named after a famous Spanish breeder of bulls, the Miura was aptly titled as the Lamborghini emblem features a raging bull preparing to charge. The specifications are impressive today; a lightweight frame, all independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and a wonderful sounding mid-engine four cam V12 breathing through six twin throat Webers.

Displayed on the Lamborghini stand next to a 400 GT sat the first Miura, completed only days before. Finished in a striking orange-red hue, the car caused a sensation that was multiplied several months later when the prototype was adopted as course car for the Monaco Grand Prix, being driven around the circuit on race day by company engineer Bob Wallace accompanied by local hero Louis Chiron, parading the chequered flag through the open window of the car. The Miura was the talk of the weekend. Its mid-engined V12 layout was in itself highly innovative but it was the extraordinarily flamboyant body by Marcello Gandini of Bertone that provided the masterly final touch. With 350 bhp on tap, the car was capable of nearly 180 mph in the hands of the brave, which was more than a match for any other road going production car.

A process of evolution and improvement was maintained throughout the life of the Miura and in 1968, the “ S ” , for “ Spinto ” (or tuned) version appeared, boasting 370 bhp, updated brakes and numerous other changes. Faster, more stable with better braking and more luxuriously appointed, it was a large step forward from its already sensational forebear.

The Miura on offer today is one of these desirable “ S ” models which was delivered new to Rainer Haas in August of 1970 and registered as HH XS 701 (copy of the original document on file). It then passed to Peter Eckel of Hamberg, Germany in 1974. By the 1980s it was well known in London, England, being owned by property developer and car collector Tom Forrest. He kept the car until 1992 when it went back to Germany to new owner, Mr. Denner who gave the car to the workshops of Lamborghini specialists Hoecker where it was subjected to a comprehensive overhaul to enable him to reliably use it to travel from Germany to the south of France for holiday.

The car was then sold back to the UK where it has resided in a small private collection and used on a regular basis. The Miura has been the subject of a sympathetic but complete cosmetic restoration. It is finished in a stunning, period Blue Chiaro metallic paint complemented by an interior of blue and tan finest “ Bridge of Wier ” leather.

Besides benefiting from the standard Miura “ S ” specifications, it also features some performance aspects normally only found on the desirable later “ SV ” model such as a “ SV ” split-sump engine block, as well as that model ’ s wider road wheels and badging. This Lamborghini is eminently suitable as a concours entrant or a fast and beautiful road going Grand Tourer.

Reference Number 11607

as of 7/24/2007

Car 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400 S
VIN 4428 
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