1957 Volkswagen Beetle Heb Rod RoadsterSOLD
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Estimate: $80,000-$100,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $46,750

Specifications: 120bhp, 1,914-cc opposed four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, solid Early Ford drop front drum brake axle, transverse leaf spring, independent swing axle rear suspension, and factory 1947 Vented Ford drum brakes. Wheelbase: 107"

“ PROJECT HEB ROD ” is an internationally recognized and highly acclaimed styling exercise in contemporary Hot Rod design. The Heb Rod represents a vision, had an elegant 1949 VW Hebmuller been offered as a platform, to build a European High Boy during the heyday of American Hot Rod construction in the 1950s.

A recent winner of the distinguished Rodeo Drive Concours in Beverly Hills, California, the car has been featured at length in twelve renowned magazines worldwide to date. It has also been featured in several U.S. top car magazines including Hot Rod, Hot VWs, VW Trends, and Rolls and Pleats. Rod and Custom recently ran a six page feature on the car and amazingly it is understood to be the first VW /foreign car ever to run in this publication, (the owner reports a comprehensive library is to be included in the sale of the car).

Respectfully, no Hebmullers were harmed in the making. The Heb Rod was scratch built, all steel, with two guiding general principles in mind, primarily to make it, quite simply, different than anything out there. Secondly, the car was built to be driven. A combination of vintage Ford and VW speed components were intimately mated over the course of two years to produce the car. The package was then subtly wrapped in an original early VW split window color appropriately named Texas Brown.

From the vintage Guide headlights, to the very early VW Type 2 tail light assemblies, there are several unique features on this car which incorporate dabs of deliberate, original patina scattered throughout. An early Ford front drop axle set-up with chromed hairpins was thoughtfully incorporated into the Euro High Boy hybrid concept. Original 1935 Ford 16 ” spoke wheels were mounted to 1947 Ford vented front brakes, yet having been lowered 5 ” , and chopped 3 ” , the car still manages to maintain a pronounced forward rake. Independent rear suspension was inverted, then shortened to maintain vertical wheel travel when lowered while accommodating the large early Ford wheel combination front and rear. Cable operated rear air intakes provide functional cooling for the pro-built high performance deep sump 1,914 cc dual Dellorto carbureted motor with an ultra rare vintage Weiand cast aluminum pulley cover. Staggered diameter Firestone WWW tires complete the presentation. Other goodies include early semaphore front turn indicators, 1950 Split Window dash sourced in Paris, France, rear mounted spun aluminum fuel tank with external filler lid, custom front under hood storage area, Safari style front windshield, Jaguar XK 120 rear window, custom front and rear bench seat, fully functional chopped and stretched cabriolet canvas top, and a period classic bent shifter lever, grenade on top (with safety pin) situated next to the large diameter1948 Chevrolet steering wheel. This 120 hp dynamo is very capable of moving as well as it looks and sounds. The final result is a lovingly hand built, understated, and very confident one-off car that is more about sheer beauty and a sense of profound competence than simple, neck-snapping aggression. Innovate, don ’ t duplicate. HEB ROD.

Reference Number 11674

as of 7/25/2007

Car 1957 Volkswagen Beetle Heb Rod Roadster
VIN 11276819 
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