1952 Panhard Dyna Mille Miglia Coupe SOLD

COYS Nürburgring Auction - Saturday 11th August 2007

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Ex 1952 Mille Miglia

Sold: €70,115

One of France's oldest automobile manufacturers, Panhard et Levassor began its association with motor cars by building Deutz and Daimler engines under licence during the 1870s and 1880s, supplying the latter, amongst others, to Peugeot. The company's first cars had appeared in 1891 and within three years 55 Panhard et Levassor models had been sold.

When the new sport of motor racing emerged in the late 1890s, the marque was at the forefront, and it has the unique distinction of winning the world's first ever race, the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris marathon that involved driving for more than 48 hours over a distance of 732 miles. Panhard et Levassor went on to take victory in numerous town to town road races, until lack of development resulted in a decline in fortunes and an end to its domination, although Grand Prix were entered up to 1908.

Thereafter competition forays were mainly confined to speed record attempts, many of which were successful, including the world's hour record at Brooklands in both 1932 and 1934 at speeds of 130mph and 133mph, respectively, with Captain George Eyston at the wheel; in 1932 he also won the British Empire Trophy Race at the Weybridge circuit, averaging 126mph. It would be after World War Two, however, before a return to competition proper was made.

The Knight double-sleeve valve engine, in four, six and eight cylinder form, had been used extensively by Panhard et Levassor and in 1932 it was standardised throughout its model range. During the war, in 1941, a small prototype, front wheel drive car, powered by a Dyna, flat-twin air-cooled engine, was tried, and after further development it went into production four years later as the Panhard-Dyna; it was an engine that would be used by many manufacturers and achieved much success at Le Mans.

This diminutive coupe, powered by an 851cc motor, and a similar example of which won its class at Le Mans in 1952, carries pretty Allemano coachwork and is believed to be one of just four such cars produced. Notably, too, chassis 475808 competed in the Mille Miglia the same year, and more recently it has taken part in a number of the annual historic reruns of the famous Italian road race. Finished in French blue with grey interior trim, it is presented in excellent condition inside and out. A delightful little car, it comes with an ASI gold plaque and represents an ideal and inexpensive acquisition eligible for entry in numerous historic races and rallies.

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as of 7/28/2007

Car 1952 Panhard Dyna Mille Miglia Coupe
VIN 13295