1963 Maserati 3500 GTi SebringSOLD

COYS Nürburgring Auction - Saturday 11th August 2007

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Estimate: €47,000-55,000

Sold: €57,157

The 3500GT can lay claim to being the first true production Maserati, and was first shown at the 1957 Geneva Show. Beneath aluminium coupé coachwork by Allemano (later by Touring), the Maserati featured a tubular frame chassis. Suspension comprised independent coil springs and wishbones at the front and a leaf-sprung rear axle while brakes were alloy-finned drums all round. Power came from a 3,485cc twin-cam straight six engine; via triple Weber carburettors and twin spark plugs it produced 230bhp at 5,500rpm which, allied to an all-synchromesh five-speed ZF gearbox, allowed a 144mph top speed and 0-60mph in around eight seconds.

Early in 1960 front servo-assisted disc brakes became standard, rear discs being added for 1962; later that year, power rose by 5bhp when Lucas fuel injection replaced the carburettors, the model being renamed the 3500GTi - it made Maserati the first Italian manufacturer to offer such an induction system and the first worldwide to use the 'GTi' suffix.

In 1963 the car was fully revised with elegant new Vignale coachwork, a shorter wheelbase, twin headlights and optional Borrani wire wheels; it was also renamed the Sebring. The final model, the Sebring Series II, appeared in 1965; it featured various minor improvements, most notably an updated interior that included air-conditioning as standard, revised head and side lights, and a less obtrusive bonnet air scoop.

This prime 1963 example was restored in its native Italy by an Italian Maserati specialist and must represent one of the finest Sebrings available in the world today. During the restoration the car was quite correctly re-engineered to run on Weber carburettors although the original fuel injection system has been retained and does accompany the car.

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as of 7/28/2007

Car 1963 Maserati 3500 GTi Sebring
VIN AM*101*1867